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All Nautical on map Advanced booking system application with additional Hotels, car rental and tours modules.

Our goal: Creation unified standardized all nautical booking/reservation/informative system with customer rating and feed back.Open frame easy to use application for partners to list their services. Informative system with individual marina rules regulation with wide range of questions/answers and blogs integrated. Further one stop custom and emigration forms including information visa requirements and applications.

Present time: We are in accelerated developed of this booking multi platform application.

Such will be on a map easy to navigate multilingual system, freely available world wide to our partners and clients to use.

For all partners this is tool to create substantial automatic revenue flow.

For marinas It promoted and unifies their water regions.

For clients this will simplify their search and booking on the map in desired region.

We will be focusing primarily on nautical services, marinas ventures, boating activities, boats sales, boat maintenance and repairs, waters sports and water activities, accommodations, boating community networking and more to come as this system becomes alive.

It will be all up to our partners what kind of activities and else they will list.

Note all Listing will need Master partner email link approval.

Goal is to implement this standardized system with partners worldwide.

This unifies all water related ventures and clients. Also will simplify nautical booking and is informative for anything to do with water ways, water bodies marinas oceanography, River water ways, water transportation, slips & mooring booking, water ways and ferry’s booking, Boat rentals, Water activities and sports booking.


Each partner can and will benefit from every other. This is collective promotion of this standardized system. From our extensive research of similar system but in different field shows unity of partners and master partners creates rapid momentum and peak will create snowball effects like we can observe in example AirB&B boom.

Hierarchy of this system


  • Main frame system – this is our proprietary application software.
  • Master regional partner will be exclusive – We are in search for exclusive master partners.
  • Individual partners – will respond to master partner. Each marina, port institution can have several partners. They will be responsible for new entries into our information and booking system. Each partner will have access into our Main frame system will be responsible for new entries and will be getting commission from all this entries.

In simplicity

Master partners and partners will create password protected account and after approval they will be granted access to application main frame to crate and manage as many listings they want.

In admin panel they will be able to edit update manage listings and monitor commission progress and statistics.

Listings will be thru our application automatically integrated into google maps unifying their region in nautical activities, boat rentals, slips and moorings rental, water sports (like diving fishing surfing) boat ferries, boat charters and services.

After creating listings system runs automatically taking care of booking sending notification and conformation email, blocking booked days in the calendar, Payments are taken automatically and forwarded to business owners and operators. Negotiated commission is also forwarded to partners and master partners.

System is fully transparent and as master partner and partner you can monitor progress and statistics – example is below.

Work hard. Play hard.

We never stop playing because we never stop working.

Join our team and become partner – many areas open to exclusive partnership.

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Our Approaches

Open frame to create community of partners where each partner will promote community and whole community will promote individual partner.

Honesty transparency fair sharing.


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